D&L Pallet Jacks, started in 1998, is owned by Don and Linda Smith in Milwaukie, Oregon, married for 40 years. After an honorable discharge from the U.S. Army in 1978, Don started out driving trucks in the Portland metro area. Upon finding himself working on them more than driving them, he used his G.I. bill to go to Clackamas Community College and take the Automotive Mechanics Program offered there.

Between 1980 and 1998 Don worked on various types of equipment, including Log Loaders, Fire Trucks, Log Trucks, Tow Trucks and Forklifts. He became proficient in mechanics, electrical works, hydraulics and welding, having spent a good many years working in the field, on the tops of mountains, etc.

In 1998 D&L Pallet Jack Service was started with just 5 customers. Since then we have grown to over 50 customers, servicing and maintaining pallet jacks. We do some over flow work for local dealers and have established an honest name around town. Always looking for new people to take care of, D&L Pallet Jack Service hopes to have an even brighter future.

For more information contact Don at don@dljacks.com or Cell ph. (503) 781-0902
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