Jack Refurbishing
We refurbish pallet jacks. We will find what you want or you can find it and get it to us.
  • This will include a complete going-through of all systems.

  • Repair of any suspect component.

  • Rebuild battery trays, recondition battery compartment and cover. New batteries and cables.

  • Charger check and replacement if needed.

  • New drive tire and load wheels.

  • Complete service, including lube on things that don't normally get it.

  • Complete new paint. I use factory paint, not thinned. Goes on thick and stays there.

Refurb BEFORE Refurb PRIMED Refurb AFTER

Here are some before and after pictures of a Yale MPB/ACN. These are, by far, the best "route jack" out there. They are resistor controlled and that means NO computers. Perhaps not as energy efficient as the new ones, but much cheaper to maintain and repair. They quit making these a couple years ago and many of my customers have purchased the Yale replacement for this jack, not with happy results. A few of them have approached me about rebuilding their old ones and so I decided to offer this to anyone else coming here. I am afraid you will have to call for pricing. Too many variables involved. I can usually buy the jack, refurbish it and have it ready to go for about $2500.00. It takes 1-2 weeks depending on what's wrong with it.

I can do fleets on a rotation basis if that's what needs to be done. Anyone having any of these jacks for sale, please contact me immediately @ 503-781-0902.

For more information contact Don at don@dljacks.com or Cell ph. (503) 781-0902
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